Upload Your Old Menu And Download Your New QR Menu

Allow your customers to view your menu on their phones. Combat Covid-19 with a QR Menu.
Scanfor.menu is free, no credit card required.
Scan the QR menu for demo.

Free. Full access. No card required.
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How it works?

It's pretty simple. You upload your menu that you already have in pdf, jpg or png format. We create a QR code and generate a menu card that you can download, print and place on your tables. Thats it!Now your customers can scan the QR menus located at their tables.

Why It's Free?

Scanfor.menu is powered by Deal Technology. We built it as a side project to help you combat Covid-19. If you need to get touchless payments via QR codes or want to enhance your checkout experience, or need more features, take a look at our website. Deal.io


Do I need to give my credit card info?

No! Scanfor.menu service is free. We do not ask for credit card information. you just need to sign up to use the services.

How long will it take to create my new menu?

⏳ Minutes
1️⃣ Sign up
2️⃣ Upload Your Menu
3️⃣ Download You Menu

Do you offer custom menu cards?

You can change the color of the menu and place your logo on it. Thats as custom we get. If you really want something special, you can built it around the scanfor.menu QR code.

Does scanfor.menu integrate with abc...xyz systems?

We don't have any integrations.

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